Who do we work with?

Our mission;  is to invent or reinvent markets in order to include taxi drivers. That is to make different  products and services available for them. 

Many taxi drivers are in low and middle social classes. For many products and services transaction costs are so high that the market fails to work well, that is, the price exceeds customer willingness to pay. With our innovations we reduce transaction costs and make the products affordable .

Our motto: 

“Make products and services affordable to taxi drivers for making them happier.”

Our vision

Our vision is a day that taxi drivers can afford products and services without being worried about the quality and price. Currently, for the middle and low socioeconomic class market failure is a common phenomena. That is, there are many demands in the market that are not satisfied due to the high transaction costs. In other words, the price of the products is unfair, because the customer pays a high margin to the middle men. As economists call, many markets suffer from inefficiencies. Taxinpart with an inclusive approach wants to make products and services affordable by making the market efficient. That is to say, invent or reinvent the market in a way that end users pay with regard to the value of the market.

Our strategies

drive from an active presence for more than  half a century in the retail market. That is to say, inventing marketing and confronting inefficiencies become part of our business DNA. Furthermore, Taxinparts’ research and development team is active to realise our mission and vision. 

Our future goal is to serve our communities better by establishing joint venture manufacturing companies with the leading companies in the world in different areas.