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Our main goal is making satisfying experiences for drivers especially taxi drivers by providing qualified auto part and repair services with competitive prices.

we will provide longterm honest relationship with our customers and suppliers.

we will offer products and services that make our customers pleased.

we will lead the auto part and repair services qualification and price in market by eliminating intermediaries.

we will cooperate with suppliers who committed to qualification.

we will provide an energetic learning workplace where every employee feels growth and satisfaction and ready to share their ideas enthusiastically.

we will be always committed to respect the law and work ethics.


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Corporate Principles
CustomersEnsuring parts quality
Competitive pricing
Observing ethics
EmployeesObserving meritocracy in hiring regardless of gender discrimination
Observing workplace health and safety
Observing human rights
Paying attention to their growth and happiness
Value chainCooperating with responsible and qualified sources
Observing honesty and justice facing business partners
Business CommunicationsMaking creative, innovative and inspiring workplace
Making integrated and coherent internal  communications
Reinforcing collaborative and knowledge sharing culture with partners