Good News about bearings

Good News about bearings

First, we will briefly define bearings

Ball bearing is a type of roller bearing. Bearings can withstand both radial and axial loads and are usually used in places where the load is relatively small. In a bearing, the load is applied from the outer layer to the balls and from there the pressure is transferred to the inner layer. Due to the spherical nature of the spheres, their point of contact with the inner and outer layers will be very small, so they can move very smoothly.

The importance of bearings

Bearings are important elements for many machines because they help in reducing the friction between two objects and thus make moving parts smoother.

Types of bearings

Deep groove bearings

Angular bearings

Thrust bearing

Self-adjusting bearings

Y bearings

TAXIN Mission

Since Taxin Company is always committed to provide high quality services at the forefront of its missions, it acts seriously and carefully in selecting and supplying products. The supply of bearings as one of the functional parts of the car was no exception.

A study by the R&D team of Taxin Company on the situation of bearings in the market showed that drivers were dissatisfied due to the low quality of some bearings or the scarcity of others. And at the same time, it imposed noticeable costs on them. The following are examples of the condition of some existing bearings after use.

[cz_image size=”large” css_position=”relative;display: table;margin:0 auto” id=”cz_16028″ image=”8478″][/cz_image]
[cz_image size=”large” css_position=”relative;display: table;margin:0 auto” id=”cz_54203″ image=”8476″][/cz_image]
[cz_image size=”large” css_position=”relative;display: table;margin:0 auto” id=”cz_27286″ image=”8474″][/cz_image]

In this regard, after months of reviewing and negotiating with the world’s top suppliers and testing the samples, Taxin Company succeeded in supplying several codes of widely used bearings with the best quality and competitive price for the esteemed driver.

You can refer to the bearings section through this link and buy quality bearings based on the type of your car.

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