Good news about CNG

Good news about CNG

First, we will briefly explain CNG, and in the following, the good news of taxin to you, dear drivers.

What is CNG? It is Compressed Natural Gas abbreviated as CNG.

Benefits of CNG

Among the advantages of CNG over other fuels is less damage to the environment. Vehicles that use CNG as fuel do about 80% less damage to the ozone layer. Because gas is lighter than other fuels, it disperses faster into the air during leaks, and CNG is safer than other fuels. In the current situation where gasoline is more expensive than gas, CNG will be more economical.

Beside all benefits there are some disadvantages counted for CNG as:

Because the gas is dry, this may put pressure on the parts in the long run and shorten their life.

Dual-fuel vehicles have a pressure drop that can cause

– No traction of the car on the uphill

– Car turning off

–  Life reduction of car parts

– Problem using the air conditioner in the car


The difference between CNG and LPG

 LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas .

CNG is a compressed gas, much of which is methane, but LPG is a combination of butane and propane.

Cars with LPG fuel compared to cars with CNG fuel are as following:


They travel longer distances under the same conditions

They have higher acceleration

They have less pressure inside the tank

They have low refueling safety

They have fewer gas stations in the city

Good news about CNG service

Taxin Company, by maintaining the supply and distribution of high quality spare parts as its main mission, for the well-being of drivers, especially respected taxi drivers and completing its service chain, has recently succeeded in providing these key services at the company’s location with many consultations. Thanks to God and kind supports of dear taxi drivers, once again, like other services, it has been proud to provide CNG service.

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