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In 1939 Taxis in Tehran were few and mainly transport travelers between the cities. The pictures show the oldest taxis in Tehran. These taxis worked in the line of Tehran-Rasht, Tehran-Ramsar, and Tehran Chaloos (the cities in the North of Iran). That is to say, Taxi were the key transportation tool for connecting the capital to the North of Iran.

By 1960 Tehran change to a modern and industrial city, hence, the demand for public transportation increase. The Tehran Mehrabad International Airport passengers increase by large and become the largest airport in the Middle East. As a result Tehran Taxi Co-Op establish in 1964, with the first office located in Tehran International Airport.

By 1964 the Central Building of Tehran Taxi Co-Op. built in the center of Tehran. By then, Tehran Taxi Co-Op members increase to more than two thousands.

In 1965 taxis become the main source of transportation in the capital of Iran. The number of taxis increase, consequently, government paid more attention to the taxis and family members.

As number of taxis increase in Tehran, their need to auto services and maintenance, auto part, health and food increase. Tehran Taxi Co-Op define its mission in reducing the cost of Taxi members. That is to say, expand to the areas that Taxis are in need of.

In 1990 taxi members of Tehran Taxi Co-Op exceeded more than 14000, hence, Tehran Taxi Co-Op built hospital. Furthermore, the workshop and auto services expand to the West and Center of Tehran.

By 1995, Tehran Taxi Co-Op started to replace the old taxis with brand new cars, more than 3000 taxis were replaced in less than a year.

Furthermore, Tehran Taxi Co-Op expanded to the new field of being a shareholder of auto part manufacture. Tehran Taxi Co-Op purchased 16 percent of the largest tire manufacturer in Iran with a market value of 10 million dollars.

In 2017 Tehran Taxi Co-Op established special subsidiaries in the auto part and auto service : “TAXINPART”.

Taxinpart started a new branch in the center of the city. In the first year of its activity in the center it sold tires, batteries, oil engines and lubricants. The motto and the mission of taxinpart: “ Improve taxi drivers’ happiness by creating efficient markets and providing fair prices” became more feasible last years. Taxinpart distributes the products with the most efficient form of value chain. That is, eliminating all middle men in the value chain. In the first 7 month of operation, more than 30 thousands taxi drivers purchased from Taxinpart central branch.

Taxinpart signs contracts with top universities in Iran in order to be able to be the leading company in retail and boost innovation in this field. With the help of young and talented graduates in universities, Taxinpart makes the value chain efficient for more than 100 industries in the auto part industry. This makes Taxinpart the most distinguished and well known retail among taxis. Today Taxinpart is the largest service and auto part provider for the Taxis.

By 2018 Taxinpart rebuild the workshop center in the east. With the help of a mechanical engineer graduate and business analyst, Taxinpart reduced the service price by 30-70 percent. This can be used as an example of frugal innovations in this sector. That is , by the help of economies of scale and economies of scope Taxinpart makes the auto service for the large number possible. That is, in the first step Taxinpart experts make the auto services standar and timing wise countable. Given the complexity of auto services, simplification and auto service standardisation was one of the most difficult tasks for Taxinpart. That is, all the services should be simplified to the number of hours that each auto mechanic takes .

In 2020 just the East workshop of Taxinpart will provide auto services to more than 40 thousands taxis. This means 40 thousands taxis enjoy purchasing parts and services from the efficient and fair market of Taxinpart.

By 2019, Taxinpart workshops and shops, bring taxinpart to new fields which are joint ventures with manufacturers. Taxinpart provides auto parts with regard to taxis driver needs and standards. That is, due to their high mileage transportation per day the auto part should be customized with their needs. Accordingly, Taxinpart started different joint ventures with auto part manufacturers such as kit clutch , which is one of the most consumable and expensive taxis in Iran.

In 2020 a new workshop will be established in the Tehran International airport. This makes auto service convenient and time wise efficient for 2000 taxis in the airport.

Furthemore, a new branch was established in the old bazaar of Tehran, in the most crowded street, Khayam Street, in the capital.

Beside the economical need, Taxinpart expands to the social need of taxis. Specifically Taxis like to be in a strong and meaningful social class. To achieve this goal and to bring unity, Taxinpart invest more in sport team for Taxis. Consequently, in 2020 in water polo league Taxinart team become the champion. This was a great success for taxis, since, this was one of the first time that team belonging to taxis become the first.

Taxinpart, establish Taxindent in for taxis family. With the same gaol, Taxindent reduce the dental care cost with more than 50% for taxi drivers and their family.